I enjoy both acrylic and color pencil. I used to strongly prefer color pencil over paint, but Iíve learned more about painting and now enjoy it more than I used to. Itís all about the best way to move color on a surface. Although my style is the same with both, moving the colors around is far different.

I like to work on dark backgrounds; somehow it helps for me to see the images coming out of the dark. I had a painting teacher who went crazy because I did that. No, he was already crazy; I just pushed a little farther in the abyss.

I like drawing the figure as I see it, but for landscape I like using the grid method where one draws a grid on a photograph, and then puts a larger grid on a surface and uses that as a drawing tool. I can draw better likenesses from people than landscapes and because these landscapes do exist, I like to get them right and see how many people recognize them.

I use three models usually, but mostly the girl in the green dress. She is a friend of my wife and me and an awesome model who I can never thank enough for working with me. Her ability to ďact in a sceneĒ and create a mood for a photo is the best!

I also think of the landscapes as models, and as with the models, I try to do them justice by getting their likeness correct. My favorite is the Anglin Falls, just south of Berea KY. Itís sacred to me. I also have used some scenes from the Red River Gorge, Raven Run (bet you can figure out which one) and The Two Robins by a Stream is a Stream in Gatlinburg, TN.